We did it! We reached out stretch goal of $1875 for a final total of $1891!

How many coats is that?

Our stretch goal was for 25 coat stipends ($75). We changed our coat buying process this year to stipends for COVID safety.

However, because we had 21 sign ups, we were able to use the extra funds to give all 21 applicants $90! In a normal year, that amount would equal around 30-35 coats depending on price, accessibility, and other factors!

Last year we were able to give out 34 coats (purchased 31 and received 3 new donations, our record!) with $1,600.

Because of our community we were able to give 21 people in that same community the means to fully buy or partially fund a new coat.We hit a new record in donations,even without having a physical swap.

We so appreciate everyone who gave money, boosted our post, told a friend, Cake Plus-Size Resale for making us a part of their birthday weekend, and applied for a coat!

Thank you so much and see you next year for Super Coat Fund 2021!

The Big Fat Super Swap team