Our mission is to help combat clothing scarcity in harder-to-find sizes.

The Big Fat Super Swap is a body positive, 2x/20 and up clothing swap for people of all genders. The Inbetweenie Super Swap is a body positive, all gender clothing swap for sizes 12(L) to 18 (XXL/2X).

The Big Fat Super Swap was started by Andy Kuhlman and Angela Callais in 2014 to create a safe and positive space in which fat people could shop for clothes and have the majority of items on the rack either fit or be too big. They laid amazing groundwork and established a strong network of volunteers that allowed the Big Fat Super Swap to flourish after being passed off to a new swap team, and we are forever grateful to them. You can hear more about the swap’s history on Matter of Fat Episode 5: Andy Kuhlman.

As of 2018, The Big Fat Super Swap’s organization main team includes Hannah Clark and Cat Polivoda. They worked with previous swap volunteers, like Lindsey Hoskins and Autumn Cunningham, to put on their first Big Fat Super Swap and form a team of great volunteers. Haley Nelson retired from Swap Organizing duties in 2021, but is essential to what the swap is today!

Left to right: Cat Polivoda, Hannah Clark, Haley Nelson

Haley, Hannah, and Cat also began the Inbetweenie Super Swap in the summer of 2018 to use extra clothing in smaller sizes that wasn’t appropriate for the Big Fat Super Swap and raise extra funds to expand the Big Fat Super Swap.

You can follow the swap on Facebook and Instagram.

Hannah Clark

Hannah Clark
Swap Lead Organizer, Super Coat Fund Manager & Coordinator,
Instagram: @hannahisdead

Hannah joined the team in late 2017 and helped arrange her first swap as a co-organizer in January of 2018. She now manages social media, website/digital content, volunteers, and the Super Coat Fund. A Twin Cities area lifer, Hannah currently lives in West St. Paul with her husband and pets. She spends her free time embroidering, engaging in the Twin Cities fat community and fat liberation activism, enjoying outdoor activities, starting her burlesque journey, and taking lots of naps. In 2019 she was part of the crew that put on Rad Fat Adventure Camp through Radical Health Alliance, a local fat positive org. She also helped advise two other swaps around the country. She hopes to one day win a TV trivia show or ride a bike through the Mall of America.

What’s your favorite part of the swap?
Getting to see someone’s face light up when they find a really awesome piece of clothing! It’s so magical. It’s also been really great to advise other folks setting up swaps around the country.

What’s the best item you’ve gotten from the swap?
A Wild Fable cropped hoodie. I live in it!

A fat white woman stands smiling in the sun shine
Cat Polivoda. Taken by Boudoir by Eve

Cat Polivoda
Swap Partner
Instagram: @catpolivoda

Cat helped transition the swap from its co-creators (Angela Callais and Andy Kuhlman) shortly before her shop opened in 2017. Cat owns Cake Plus-Size Resale which serves as a home base for the swap and where donations are collected and stored year round. In addition to owning and operating Cake, Cat co-hosts a local body positive podcast (Matter of Fat), co-leads the Twin Cities Fat Community group, and leads a course on confidence for plus-size/curvy/fat people: Big, Bold Confidence. Cat loves podcasts, audiobooks, and Netflix. Also, trampoline parks and water aerobics. 

A close up of a fat white woman with glasses and make up smiling at the camera
Haley Nelson

Haley Nelson
Former Swap co-organizer
Instagram: @haleyrosey

Haley became involved in the swap in late 2017 and put on her first swap as a co-organizer in January of 2018. She lead volunteer coordination and shared organizing duties until mid-2019 when she took a small step back to enjoy her wedding and married life. As of 2021 Haley has stepped down from her role as organizer to focus on her other passions and her family. She continues to be a huge part of the Swap’s legacy and volunteer force!

Questions? Check out our FAQs or reach out by email at bigfatsuperswap@gmail.com