When is the next swap?

Big Fat Super Swap
In person swaps canceled for 2021 due to COVID-19.

Inbetweenie Super Swap
All swaps canceled for 2021 due to COVID-19.

See you in 2022! Wear a mask, social distance, get vaccninated, and stay safe!

How much does it cost to attend? If I’m unable to pay, am I still welcome?

Short answer: Yes! Our swaps run on a “pay-as-you’re-able” system, with no one turned away for lack of funds.

Long answer: We suggest a pay-as-you’re-able donation to cover our costs and help build the swap! The swap promo materials and events list our suggested donation price, but no one is obligated to pay that. We will never press you to donate. The Inbetweenie Super Swap is a suggested donation of $10 (or whatever you can/feel is appropriate), and the Big Fat Super Swap is a suggested donation of $5 (or whatever you can/feel is appropriate)

We also have donation jars near the Big Fat Super Swap exit and encourage people to donate to local causes based on what they feel is appropriate for the amount of clothing they take. 

If I don’t donate, can I still come to the swap?

Absolutely! All are welcome, regardless of whether or not you donate.

What sizes do each of the swaps have? Why are they separate?

The Big Fat Super Swap is sizes 20 (and roomy 18) or 2X and up.

The Inbetweenie Super Swap is sizes 12 to 18.

The Big Fat Super Swap is the original swap, and we stand by our mission to create a fat and body positive space without the pressures of smaller body ideals and having to pick through clothes that are mostly too small. Holding both the swaps together would negate that mission.

Additionally, it’s an unfortunate fact of life that clothing under a size 20 tends to be better quality and more on trend. People over a size 20 don’t need to be reminded of this fact in a safe space. The Inbetweenie Super Swap allows people to pay for that privilege while furthering the cause of clothing accessibility for people size 2X and up.

What kind of clothing should I donate?

We ask that donations be clean (washed, please!), free of pet hair, and as close to odorless as possible.  Clothing for all genders is welcome, including casual, business, all seasons, swimwear, pajamas, accessories and shoes of any adult size. Please no socks or undergarments unless they are in the original packaging. Accessories, such as jewelry, ties, shoes and purses will also be accepted.

We always need more 4X, 5X, 6X, 7X+ clothing in good condition and in style and more masculine clothes of all styles.

How do I donate clothes?

You can drop off donations at Cake Plus-Size Resale (5155 Bloomington Ave., Minneapolis, MN 55417) any time during business hours. Just ask whoever is working; they’ll happily accept your donations.

We stop accepting donations 1 to 2 weeks before the swaps, and will post about it in the event details beforehand.

Can I donate clothing at the swap?

No. We only accept donations ahead of time and will ask you to keep them and donate them later. We may accept coat donations at the Fall swap.

Is this swap just for women/girls/ladies/femmes?

This is a clothing swap for all genders! We tend to get more “women’s” clothing, but are constantly working on soliciting masculine clothing donations. All are welcome!

Can I help at the next swap?

We’d love help! Previous volunteers get the first chance to sign up again before we reach out for new volunteers. Oftentimes we need last minute volunteers, so keep an eye out!

Volunteering for the swaps involves carrying heavy bags of clothes, bending to hang and sort, and interacting with other people. We try to keep it as low impact for everyone as possible.

What’s the venue like? How accessible is it?
Is there a place to try on the clothes?

The venue for the Big Fat Super Swap and Inbetweenie March 2020 date is the Lake Nokomis Community Center. It is held in the gymnasium, which is very open with lots of space and rows of bleachers in the back to sit down. We will provide additional chairs if needed as we are able. It is an accessible building with limited handicap and close parking. The building does not have air conditioning. We encourage carpooling and parking in the over flow lot if you are able to walk about the length of a block. It has gendered bathrooms with 1 to 2 small stalls. See below for more info on our accessibility hour.

At both swaps we have a pop-up changing tent with space for one person. You are also welcome and encouraged to try on clothes within the larger space, as long as there’s no nudity and you respect the boundaries of those around you.

We recommend wearing leggings or similar form-fitting clothing as an under layer. It makes it easy to try stuff on without waiting to use the changing tent.

We will be having an “Accessibility Hour” one hour before each swap for folks who may find a tight-spaced environment difficult for a variety of reasons such as sensory or physical disabilities. Please contact to take part in this. View the guidelines and more info here.

Who runs the swap?

Read more about our team and the swap founders here!

If the swap has money left over after paying for expenses, what happens to it?
Does anyone profit from the swap?

Short answer: No one profits off of the swap. We recycle the money back into the swap to improve swap conditions and grow.

Long answer: Read all about it in our blog post—Super Swap, Small Budget

Other questions? Reach out on our Facebook, Instagram, or by email at