The Super Coat Fund was started because folks should never have to choose between things like food and medication versus staying safe from the cold. Coats for larger bodies are both expensive and hard to find. We use our knowledge of plus size clothing and where to find it, as well as our resources to get the most coats we can for folks who need them in the Twin Cities metro area. We prioritize BIPOC and folks who wear the largest sizes.


As it is for most organizations, COVID-19 made us change the way we did things this year. Instead of purchasing coats for folks and having them try them on, we planned to give as many folks as possible $75 stipends to fully fund or supplement the purchase of the coat of their choice, with the goal of reaching 15 coats.

In the end, we achieved our stretch goal to fund 25 coat stipends, and were able to give the 21 people who applied $90 each.

Without in person-swaps which we use to fund the Super Coat Fund, and without businesses being able to contribute donations in the same way, we set out to fundraise the new old-fashion way (aka: social media and the internet). With our Virtual Swap, we were able to generate funds for the Super Coat Fund and raise awareness. Using social media, working with Cake Plus-Size Resale for their birthday weekend fundraiser, and networking, we were able to raise $1891.42 for the Super Coat Fund, which is a new funding record.

How it usually works

The Super Coat Fund is usually able to buy coats between $55 and $65 per coat by shopping sales and we meet with folks to find a coat that works best for them and deliver coats all around the Twin Cities.


Our first year we were able to purchase and donate 19 coats using surplus Big Fat Super Swap and Inbetweenie Super Swap Funds, and a donation from Cake Plus-Size Resale’s Small Business Saturday.


We were able to purchase 31 coats and were donated 3 brand new coats to give to local plus size folks in the Twin Cities with donations gathered at the Big Fat and Inbetweenie Super Swaps, donations from Cake Plus-Size Resale’s Small Business Saturday, and direct donations from folks. Our 2019 goal was 25 coats. We raised about $1600.

We hope to return to our previous method in 2021 as it is more cost-effective and able to help more folks. However, weird times mean different methods, and who knows what next year will bring.