Frequently Asked Questions: 2022 Edition

FAQ for Applicants | FAQ for Donors

What is the Super Coat Fund?

The Super Coat Fund was started by the Big Fat Super Swap team because folks should never have to choose between things like food and medication versus staying safe from the cold. The Super Coat Fund is for anyone who is plus size/wears extended sizes and cannot afford a winter coat.

Coats for larger bodies are both expensive and hard to find. We want to make coats accessible for those who need them.

Previously, we bought coats directly for folks, but this year (and in 2020 and 2021) we are giving people cash stipends to purchase their own coats and winter essentials they need.

For Applicants

When and how do I apply?

Applications will close at November 15th at 5pm.

People who are receiving a coat will be contacted between November 16-18th.

What are the application requirements/Who can apply?

The Super Coat Fund is for anyone who is plus size/wears extended sizes and cannot afford a winter coat.

  • Must be size 2x+ (higher sizes get higher priority)
  • Must be in the Greater Twin Cities Metro Area
  • Must be applying for themselves
    • You cannot submit applications for other people, we will not accept it.

Folks who have received a coat from us in the last two years can apply, but will be lower on the priority list to ensure fair access to newcomers. We know people change sizes and accidents happen, so please feel free to reach out to us directly if you have applied before and are applying again!

How are funds allocated and distributed?

The funds will be sent out between Nov 16 and Nov 21 via venmo/paypal/cashapp.

We prioritize folks of higher sizes (4x-7x+), BIPOC, and people who haven’t applied in the last 2 years. 

Our goal is to give EVERYONE who applies a $75 or more stipend, but we may have to prioritize.

Why is the application window shorter this year?

The Super Coat Fund is still trying to find the best balance of donation amounts, request amounts, and personal capacity. Only one person is able to send out payments, and manages everything. She is a disabled person with limited capacity. We must do what we can to take care of our community and ourselves.

By opening donations early, the goal is to start off strong for the initial wave of applications and allow less intense work by the coordinator over the duration of the Super Coat Fund.

For Donors

I have a coat to donate, where can I give it?

We don’t accept coats as donations. 

Why? Coats, especially Minnesota proof coats are hard to clean and can wear easily. People deserve a good condition coat of their choosing that fits their life and body. Giving people money and resources allows them to find what fits best and what they need.

If you choose to donate a coat elsewhere, please be thoughtful when donating! Make sure it’s clean, in good condition, and needed (don’t drop it at a site/give it to a person without asking).

What is the best way for me to give?

Paypal, Venmo, and Cash App are the ways you can donate. See all the ways to donate here.